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Financial Selling for Vendor Sales Representatives
This course is designed for product sales reps who may not know too much about leasing and financing yet. The course will teach you why your customers use financing (and they use it a lot more than you think!), why financing is important to YOU, and how to use financing to close large deals faster, improve your account control, and lock out your competition.
You will step into the shoes of Will, a sales rep trying to close a large, quota-making order with his customer. Dave, Will’s friend (and a senior-level sales rep), helps teach Will the basics of financial marketing and how to use financing to close the deal.
Jon Fales and Tony Mynsted$250.00
This course explains basic concepts in contract law and commercial equipment finance lease documentation.


Terms and conditions found in various types of agreements (purchase/sale, loan and lease) are presented.

Common questions about equipment lease agreements are answered.

With the knowledge gained from this course, you can better anticipate and respond to questions concerning the documentation of lease transactions.
Cheryl Shapiro$209.00
Sales people who control the funding close more sales.

Learners discover how organizations that make Funding Solution Selling an integral part of the corporate culture gain market dominance: they control the funding.  
Lynda Jackson$199.00
High Impact Vendor Service
High Impact Vendor Service is the soft skills tutorial for Vendor Service Associates.

The success of a vendor program is determined by the daily interaction between vendor service associates and the point of sale.

This course helps vendor service associates exceed expectations of vendors and customers, respond to questions, resolve conflict and handle over fifty common objections.

A downloadable companion Learning Journal contains highlights of each lesson, exercises to apply the concepts to workplace activities and plenty of room to take notes.
Lynda Jackson$250.00
Premier Course for Collectors
Premier Course for Collectors is the soft skills tutorial for collections.

The course is for everyone: a primer of easy to learn techniques for new collectors and a thought-provoking refresher for the most experienced. 

Collectors learn how to leverage human behavior, use questions to persuade, overcome forty-one frequent objections and follow-up on broken promises.

Tutorial Lessons (Understanding Bankruptcy and Understanding Property Tax) expand knowledge of two key issues.
Lynda Jackson$250.00
Principles of Leasing
In this course, you will learn about the specific rules and regulations that apply to the leasing industry, discover how they affect the products lessors offers their customers, and examine the economic dimensions of leasing in more detail. By studying this material, you will be positioned to better serve your customers, help your company be profitable, and enhance your professional growth.

It should take you approximately 3 hours to complete this course.
Shawn Halladay$319.00
Six Traits of a Winner
Achieve excellence – on the job and in your personal life – with six traits of champions.

Sports psychologists have identified six traits that are common among gold-medal athletes – both men and women – and in those who succeed in non-athletic pursuits.
Lynda Jackson$0.00
Welcome to Leasing!
This course introduces you to leasing, one of the most popular forms of financing being used today. It explores the leasing industry, why our customers lease, the general flow of the lease, and how lessors make money in leasing.

Shawn Halladay$209.00
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