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Sales people who control the funding close more sales.

Learners discover how organizations that make Funding Solution Selling an integral part of the corporate culture gain market dominance: they control the funding.  
Instructor: Lynda Jackson
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Course Lessons / Exams 
1 The Right Strategy
As you go through this course, remember your own experience with top closers: they control the sale by controlling the funding.

They close more sales – and close them faster – by making it easier for the customer to say, "YES". How? By making funding a natural step in the buying process.
2 Objectives and Expectations
Review the course objectives, what to expect and how to proceed.

Take a thought-provoking introductory exam to see how closely your own techniques are aligned with those presented in the course.
3 Dispelling Myths About Leasing
This Lesson dispels five myths that prevent salespeople from embracing leasing as their greatest closing tool.
4 Closing More Sales
Close more sales with a funding solution!

FACT: Sales people who control the funding close more sales. Learn why!
5 Route to the Money
Unless you are face–to-face (or phone–to-phone) with the financial decision-maker, you are depending on someone else (probably the solution decision-maker) to close your sale.

The route to the money is the route to the close. This is a lesson on mapping the journey.
6 What's in it for the Client?
Leasing makes it easy for companies to focus on the technology solutions; not how to pay for it.

Learn the nine most important reasons why companies lease.
7 Funding Solution Power
Learn additional ways a Funding Solution that is presented always, early and often can make a sales person more successful.
8 Believe!!!
To reach its full potential, Funding Solution Selling must be a strong element of the sales culture.
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