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This course is designed for product sales reps who may not know too much about leasing and financing yet. The course will teach you why your customers use financing (and they use it a lot more than you think!), why financing is important to YOU, and how to use financing to close large deals faster, improve your account control, and lock out your competition.
You will step into the shoes of Will, a sales rep trying to close a large, quota-making order with his customer. Dave, Will’s friend (and a senior-level sales rep), helps teach Will the basics of financial marketing and how to use financing to close the deal.
Instructor: Jon Fales and Tony Mynsted
Total: 6 Collapse Description
Course Lessons / Exams 
1 Expectations
What to expect and how to proceed.
2 Business Case
Customer Acquisition Decisions and Why Customers Lease IT Equipment.

In this course you will learn:
  • How companies make IT financial acquisition decisions.
  • Obstacles that can slow down or halt important IT acquisitions
  • What lease financing is, and why it can be an important tool for companies to acquire IT equipment
3 Customer’s Financial Landscape
In this module, you will learn:
  • How to understand a customer’s balance sheet, income statement, and financial ratios.
  • How your financial executive manages their financial landscape to position their company to make the best investment decisions.
  • The importance of how the industry evaluates your customer’s financial position. It can affect borrowing rates, availability, stock prices, etc.
  • Once you understand some of the key financial hot buttons of your customer, you will learn how to tailor your sales calls to the financial needs of your customers.
4 Customer Budget Process
In this module, you will learn:
  • How and why companies prepare budgets.
  • Detailed information on the difference between operating and capital budgets.
  • The advantages to you, and your customer, of using the operating budget to pay for IT solutions
5 Customer Business Case and Funding Requirements
In this module, you will learn:
  • What a business case is and how it is used to help gain approval for a proposed customer solution.
  • The elements of a business case and how they are developed for your solutions.
  • How your customers evaluate and compare business cases.
  • To obtain the financial and business requirements.
  • How leasing can be used to help develop and support a winning business case.
  • To become the bridge between your IT Executive and their financial organization.
6 Lease Structuring and Portfolio Marketing
In this module, you will learn:

  • How to use lease structuring to meet customer financial and business requirements and close more business
  • How to make more gross profit per deal by using lease structuring
  • Why portfolio marketing is one of the most powerful sales tools in a salesperson’s repertoire
Total: 6 Collapse Description
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